Specifications of the Carpet and Carpet panel Cluster in Tabriz

Tabriz has been a center for arts and handicrafts (particularly ceramics, pottery, jewelry, and silverwork)
for many years. However, carpet weaving is considered its most important handicraft export. Tabriz and
its surrounding areas are renowned globally for their hand-woven carpets due to their unique designs and
high quality, making carpet exports a significant source of foreign currency.

Geographical Location of the Cluster

Tabriz has a global reputation in the production of handicrafts, with numerous factories specializing in the
weaving of silk fabrics, including a famous type of carpet known as "Alikhali." During the Safavid era,
silk fabrics, velvet textiles, and a type of fabric known as "Qomash" were prominent. Currently, the
production of Alikhali, cotton fabrics for abayas, silk rugs, silver engraving, carpet weaving, and other
handicrafts are prevalent. Tabriz is an industrial and semi-agricultural city, strategically located on the
route to Turkey and Europe, making it a transit hub.

Product Categories of the Carpet and Carpet panel Cluster in Tabriz

Most of the products within the Tabriz Carpet and Carpet panel Cluster are handwoven silk carpets,
although there are also woolen handwoven. Both carpets and tapestries are produced within this cluster,
with tapestries primarily woven in other provinces of the country, while carpets are usually woven in
Tabriz and its surrounding areas.

توزیع جغرافیایی خوشه فرش و تابلو فرش تبریز







هریس و گراوان

بیجار، تکاپ و افشار





سایر فعالان خوشه فرش و تابلو فرش تبریز

تامین کننندگان مواد اولیه
واحد های رنگرزی
واحد های چله کشی
واحد های ریسندگی
واحد های رفوگری

Analysis of the Handwoven Carpet Industry at the Industry Level

Porters Five Forces model has been used to analyze the industry level of the handwoven carpet industry
in the province. Porter believes that every business is influenced by five forces that determine its
competitiveness or exclusion from the competitive arena. Porter's Five Forces model provides a
comprehensive framework for analyzing the situation of a specific industry.

Analysis at the Business Level

The purpose of business-level analysis is to familiarize oneself with the actual status of active businesses
in the handwoven carpet and Carpet panel industry in Tabriz and identify common issues and
opportunities. For this purpose, businesses are evaluated throughout a systematic process consisting of
inputs, processes, and outputs. In the input analysis, the resources of each business, including raw
materials, human resources, tools and equipment, fixed capital, etc., are assessed. In the process section,
the production process is evaluated, and in the output section, distribution channels, marketing, and sales
are assessed to conduct a diagnosis at the business level and identify commonalities among businesses.
Financial and environmental evaluations, as well as services, are also necessary to examine the potential
for creating added value.

نخ و ابرییشم

Value Chain Analysis

The limitation of available resources for human beings and the intensification of global competition for
capturing a larger market share by companies emphasize the need for an effective competitive strategy for
every company. The proliferation of businesses and innovative production methods has increased the use
of resources more rapidly and intensified competition among companies to acquire more resources. On
the other hand, companies are seeking ways to create a competitive advantage by reducing production
costs and achieving higher profits (added value) in their production process.

Analysis of cluster strategic issues