Carpet and Carpet Panel Cluster

Introduction to the Carpet and Carpet Panel Cluster of Tabriz

The cluster of carpet and Carpet panel in Tabriz encompasses the stakeholders, development programs, and introduction of cluster members’ products.


Tabriz carpet is one of the types of Iranian carpets. Tabriz is one of the most important carpet weaving centers in Iran, known for its diverse and varied carpet weaving. It has been selected as the “World City of Carpet Weaving” by the World Crafts Council.


Sardroud Carpet panel is one of the traditional crafts that has been renowned for its authenticity and unique value throughout history as a part of Iranian carpet weaving and Carpet panel. Today, Sardroud tapestries decorate the walls of museums and palaces worldwide. Due to the abundance of colors and delicacy employed in their craftsmanship, Sardroud hand-woven tapestries hold significant value and popularity internationally.

The first innovation event in the art-industry of Tabriz carpet and Carpet panel


The majority of tapestries available in the Iranian market are the result of the efforts and endeavors of artists, producers, and carpet weavers from Tabriz. These artists’ works are exported worldwide and have their own specific clientele.

This event focuses on marketing, branding, advertising, sales, quality improvement, and the utilization of raw materials, as well as revitalizing and promoting carpet weaving. It is organized in collaboration with the Industrial Towns Company of East Azerbaijan Province, the University of Tabriz, and the Islamic Art University of Tabriz.

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